Top 10 best-sellers for PlayStation 4 in 2017

Besides constant races in the technical aspects, developers often wonder if there is a perfect recipe for a video game that would be interesting to all players. Every year gaming industry earns millions of dollars, but it is often hard to predict which video game will be selling the most.

Sony Corporation has recently published a list of their best-selling video games of 2017. In this article, we are going to review the top 10 most popular video games for PlayStation 4 and try to understand what makes them successful.

# 10 Rainbow Six Siege

Fighting terrorism has always been a very popular theme among gamers. The Rainbow Six series can boas almost two dozens of video games for various platforms, telling a story about the everyday life of the anti-terrorist squad consisting of members from all over the world.

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first-person shooter. The plot of the game describes a terrorist organization that plans to spread a deadly virus among civilians in various parts of the world. And, of course, the Rainbow team is going to oppose them.

Men wearing gas masks

Rainbow Six Siege

# 9 EA Sports UFC 2

EA Sports UFC 2 is the continuation of the mixed martial arts simulator that EA Sports has developed in partnership with the UFC organization. EA Sports UFC 2 attracts players with its realistic graphics, new system of knockouts and other interesting features.

We all know that the more you play, the better you become, but not in case of EA Sports UFC 2. The fight can be ended right after the start if you or your opponent will choose a perfect moment for a crushing attack. Thanks to a new physical model and the system of knockouts, each fight is now unique as somewhat unpredictable.

A man and a woman standing on a boxing ring

EA Sports UFC 2

# 8 FIFA 2017

The main feature that makes FIFA 2017 so popular among players is its Journey mode. The game tells a story of the young and talented English football player named Alex Hunter. The main character, as well as the player, will have to start at the very bottom of the sports industry and slowly make their way to the top of British football.

In between games you will be observing real cinematography storylines. Events can develop in different ways depending on choices and actions of the player. A wide system of dialogues allows answering questions from other characters and communicating with them in various manners.

Football players

FIFA 2017

# 7 ARK: Survival Evolved

The main distinction of ARK: Survival Evolved from the typical “survivors” is rich fauna of the fantasy world. There are more than 70 species: from huge turtles to dinosaurs and dragons. Some animals can even be domesticated.

Although surviving among dinosaurs is not the main goal. Other players are the biggest danger to the user and you still have to fight for food, water and shelter. As for the shelter, ARK: Survival Evolved allows building almost anything: a house, sewerage and even some types of electronics. But in order to do so, the player will need drawings and experience points. An RPG system is implemented in the game, therefore everything that the main character does brings experience.

A woman riding a dinasour

ARK: Survival Evolved

# 6 Horizon Zero Dawn

The events of Horizon Zero Dawn unfold in the distant future. The world as we know it was completely destroyed and a new life was born on its remains. Moreover, the new life is divided into biological and artificial. Besides hares, squirrels and wild boars you can see metal creatures resembling familiar animals running along green meadows and dense forests.

The main character is a redhead girl named Aloy, who was rejected by the native tribe when she was young. When Aloy turns 19, she decides to take part in the blessing ceremony, which can help her earn the right to return to the native tribe. As the game progresses, Aloy gains experience and skill points that can be spent in a special menu.

A girl with bow

Horizon Zero Dawn

# 5 Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

The red bandicoot named Crash invariably associates with Sony. Activision decided to please its fans and released a compilation consisting of remakes and the original game from the 90s.

The graphics of the game was completely redrawn from scratch. The lighting and visual effects have also been redesigned to correspond with modern technology. The owners of PlayStation Pro consoles can enjoy the game in 4K resolution and HDR-color.

The events of the game unfold on the islands nearby Australia. A mad doctor Neo Cortex conveys experiments on animals with the aim to create a personal army of super soldiers. However, the experiment fails and Crash escapes from the laboratory. A girl bandicoot named Tawna remain in captivity. But Crash intends to return his beloved and deal with the abuser.

Red bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

# 4 GTA V

Each GTA game has the same effect: first couple of hours all you do is run around the city stealing cars, climbing rocks, jumping into the water, fighting and running. The fifths part of the legendary series is no exception.

The key changes that first and foremost make GTA V so remarkable are related to the organization of the open world and the narrative. The plot of the game revolves around three main characters. The screenwriters professionally divided the plot into parts and smoothly combined the lives of each character into a common storyline.

In terms of gameplay, GTA V is a hybrid of TPS shooter, racing and sports simulator. Its open world resembles a huge sandbox with a bunch of mini-games: golf, yoga, tennis, street racing and more.

Two men with guns


# 3 Rocket League

If you put heavy cars with turbo acceleration on the football field instead of the players you’ll get Rocket League.

The rules of the game are simple: a team of several riders needs to score a goal. The task is trivial, but the ways are crazy. Heavy cars easily spin, climb the steep walls and fly on the impulse from the accelerators. Despite all the unbelievable tricks, Rocket League is a very dynamic, easy-to-control game with a good graphics.

Sports car

Rocket League

# 2 Call of Duty WWII

The developers from Sledgehammer Games must have spent an incredible amount of hours going through hundreds of archival documents and visiting battlefields in order to recreate the legendary operations of the WWII. And after creating the scenery, they composed a story about a squad of brave soldiers.

The plot of the Call of Duty WWII is not really a plot, but rather a set of scenes from cult films and series. Developers quoted such movies as “Band of Brothers”, “Inglourious Basterds” and “Saving Private Ryan”. The images of WWII do not stop even for a moment. Something is always happening in the game, even during peaceful episodes.


Call of Duty WWII

# 1 FIFA 2018

FIFA series is not just a video game. It managed to become a big part of the football world and players’ lives.

One of the biggest improvements implemented by EA Sports is a better artificial intelligence, which transforms some aspects of the game. For instance, players can see the field much better, the defense is now wiser and leaves less room for the enemy, teammates are more sensitive to the rhythm of the game, especially during the attack.

The Journey mode continues the story about Alex Hunter. Now he has to decide who he is: just a good player or a true team leader.

Football player

FIFA 2018