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Video games have been created more than 60 years ago, but only about 20 years ago people started to classify them. At the very first stages of the development of the gaming industry, each video game was unique and not similar to anything else. But over time, video games became more and more popular among people and developers started to create series. In order to navigate through this variety, it became necessary to divide video games into separate categories.

All the variety of video games can be divided into groups using different ways. Some of the most popular approaches are:

  1. Classification of video games according to the platform. For example, games for PC, consoles or mobile devises;
  2. Classification according to the graphics of the game. This group is divided into two sub-categories: classification by the location of the game camera (1st person view, 2D TopDown view etc.) and by graphics technology (2D, 3D graphics or virtual reality);
  3. Classification according to the game content. This group includes sub-categories like classification by genre (horror, action, RPG) and classification by setting (real world, fantasy and so on);
  4. Classification according to the goal of the game (tasks, championships);
  5. Classification according to developer’s criteria is also divided into sub-categories. First of all, video games are classified depending on the budget (AAA games, low budget). And, second of all, games are divided according to the format, for example, original game or sequel;
  6. Classification according to the type of distribution (free games or paid);
  7. Classification according to the number of players (single-player, multi-player).

Despite such a wide range of different types of video games, the most popular classification that is often used by gamers is classification according to the genre. Moreover, unlike classic genres of books and films, video game genres are a completely different thing. Video game genres are determined not by the plot, but rather by the game actions performed by the player.

In our articles, we want to tell players of all ages about various types of games and review the best of them. By understanding the main differences, you will be able to know what to expect when a developer announces a release of the new game of, for example, a certain genre.

We also make lists of the best video games to play on various platforms. As you know, most video games are adapted for PC and consoles, but some are just better and more interesting to play on a particular device. With the review of each game, you’ll get insights about its best features and will be able to decide whether this game is worth your time.

We strongly believe that video games are a modern form of art, and as any art pieces, some deserve more attention than others. For many people around the world playing video games has grown from a hobby into a successful career. And whether you are just a beginner or a gamer with a lot of experience, you will find something useful in our articles.

We highly encourage you to immerse in the exciting and thrilling world of video games with us!

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