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Need for Speed, F1 and 6 more racing video games to play on your PC

Racing is one of those activities, which makes adrenaline rush through the body. Many professional racers note that they feel addicted to the speed and the extreme of the autosport.  But in order to take part in the Formula 1 or simply participate in a street racing event, there is no need become a professional racer. You don’t even have to own a sports car for that matter.

Playing a racing video game on a good old PC is easier, cheaper and most importantly safer. It is actually a very good alternative for those who want to try themselves on the race track or simply practice concentration while driving.

Game developers keep surprising us with new race simulators year after year. The graphics become more realistic and the number of cars is just endless. In order to determine which video game deserves an hour or two of our attention, we’ve selected 8 entertaining race simulators for review.

# 1. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Even though this game was released more than 10 years ago it still can be spotted in numerous video game ratings. Many gamers have actually gone back to play Need for Speed: Most Wanted even after the release of the new parts of this legendary series.

The game offers the player a chance to upgrade and tune in his car. The main goal is not only to win the race but also defeat such rivals as policemen. Moreover, the status of the race affects the class of police cars. Everyone who remembers Need for Speed: Most Wanted certainly appreciates the time spent playing it.

NFS logo

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

# 2. F1 2016

The next video game on our list is F1 2016. This is one of the few racing games, where the gamer requires having not only fast reaction but also a carefully worked out plan for each race. Developers also came up with an interesting mechanism for breaking-in the new tires. In F1 2016 the new tires gain traction only after several laps and gradually lose it later.

The weather in F1 2016 plays a very important role during the race, since cars may slip and slide on wet asphalt. However, experienced racers can steer out in pretty much any situation. All available cars have their own characteristics and features depending on a brand and a team. The player will definitely feel the difference between Ferrari and Williams.

Men in racing sportswear

F1 2016

# 3. Trackmania Turbo

For those who feel like traditional racing games are too monotonous, we’ve included Trackmania Turbo on our list. This video game offers insane roller-coaster-like tracks and colorful futuristic cars. You will receive a huge splash of adrenaline after completing each level. The time spent on passing the track will be automatically sent to the high score table. However, the player can only see his current position without knowing how many seconds he lacks to become a winner.

Specifics of the routes keep the player in constant tension since the difference in arrival time sometimes may be less than half a second. In addition, the gamer has an opportunity to visually modify some of the cars and even create tracks on his own.

Racing cars

Trackmania Turbo

# 4. Test Drive Unlimited 2

The events of the Test Drive Unlimited 2 take place on two beautiful islands of Ibiza and Oahu, modeled in full size. The game offers a variety of cars, which can be tested on different roads. Weather effects appear unbelievably realistic: a change of day and night, precipitation, air temperature and so on. Moreover, weather conditions significantly affect the control of the car.

Nevertheless, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is the game for those who just want to get distracted from the world hustle while simply driving a car and enjoying surrounding sceneries. Especially since the game does not have a plot.

Cars on the road

Test Drive Unlimited 2

# 5. Driver: San Francisco

The plot of the game called Driver: San Francisco resembles a fantastic film and the race for survival at the same time. The main character is a bandit, who due to a car crash acquired a supernatural ability to transfer into the body of any driver. The player is able to control any transport on the road, except for the opponent’s cars. The goal is pretty clear – to defeat all competitors.

One of the main advantages of Driver: San Francisco video game is the huge length of roads and the absence of movement restrictions. In addition, you can try to ride any car from sports sedans to heavy trucks.

White car on the road

Driver: San Francisco

# 6. Pure

Pure is the only quad-bike racing video game on our list. At the very beginning, the player has to construct his own quad-bike. As the game progresses you will discover various upgrades. Perfect executions of dangerous tricks will lead to a championship and bring winning points. In the end, you will have a chance to perform a super trick and possibly win the overall standings.

The most vivid feature of the Pure video game is its freestyle mode. Who thought that racing a quad-bike could be so much fun? During the race, unexpected troubles may occur. It is possible that you can run out of gas or the driver can fly out of the seat due to an unsuccessful entry to the trampoline. Great graphics and excellent physics make this game even more realistic.

A man on a quad-bike


# 7. Split/Second

Split/Second is not the newest game on the list, but, nevertheless, it is one of the most exciting race games for PC. Split/Seconds is more than just a race, it is a reality television show for extreme people. The main task is not to just overtake the enemy on the road, but to destroy him completely.

Each player has an opportunity to use special abilities to arrange traps, blow up competitor’s fuel tank or drop an oil barrel on top of his car. Sometimes these superpowers destroy the whole part of the route. And sometimes, the road itself breaks off and you risk falling into the abyss.

Overall, Split Second is a fun game for casual friendly competitions.

Racing car on a highway


# 8. Project CARS

Project CARS is one of the most realistic auto simulators for PC. The cars are drawn with such attention to detail, that you can easily spend several minutes looking at the textures inside the salon. Dynamic change of weather also makes itself felt, as the player will have to somehow decide what to do during a sudden downpour. Developers also took the time, to make game mechanics as close to the real life as possible. For instance, breaks should be used by putting short and smooth pressure in order to extend the life of the tires.

Gamers can play alone or participate in online championships and even win prizes from sponsors.

A red car on the road

Project CARS