Guns N' Roses slot

Top 3 Rock Themed Slot Games

It’s not hard finding a slot to your liking, they themed them in every way possible. If you’re not into rock slots, there are tons of other ones that you might like at Casumo. But for you guys that are into music and especially rock music, these are the ones you should start with checking out!


1.Guns N’ Roses – NetEnt

In this slot game you have the option of switching between your favourite Guns N’ Roses tunes, while playing for the big win on the slot game. I love this option since with most of the slot games you need to just listen to the theme music of that slot and they rarely have any options to choose from.

Guns N' Roses slot

2. Kiss – SGI Gaming

SGI’s slot game inspired by the band Kiss is not a great experience music wise, you can’t pick your songs but just hear a guitar solo while the wheels are turning. But it does have a more interesting setup than most slots, it’s got 10 wheels! Cool graphics and a great sound but you might think its even better by putting on your own Kiss tracks in the background.

Kiss slot

3. Mild Rockers – Lightning Box Games

This slot has a great background tune that sets you in the right mood. A great option of you can’t find your favourite rock band amongst the slots. With it’s 6 wheels this game really gives you all the excitement and entertainment you can ask for.

Mild rockes slot game

Do you know of any other rock themed slots that should have made the list? Please let me know, the list will keep growing!