Top 5 PC and PS4 Car Games

Top 5 PC and PS4 Car Games

The blockade of the coronavirus in India has been very difficult for car enthusiasts, especially hard car and cyclists who consider their vehicle as friends or family. It is recommended to travel only when it is very important. For food and medicine, we have heroes from Swiggy and Dunzo who deliver them to your home. Let us be responsible and fight together.

While most people in the country are currently playing PUB-G, Call of Duty and other similar action games that keep them going. As a car enthusiast or hobbyist, these Action Games may not give you the adrenaline and thirst for speed you’re looking for.

But the latest PC racing games are a must! These computer games are also known as sim racing games and are so close to real driving and require fast reflexes, extreme precision, perfect shifting, acceleration and braking techniques to achieve great features in Pro mode. Driving on a computer couldn’t be more realistic. The great thing is that you can play these racing games online and challenge your friends to brag. You can even compete with real MotoGP and Formula 1 drivers by taking part in online races.

These racing games also have a selection of real cars and motorcycles, you can drive a classic 90s Formula 1 car or a Lewis Hamilton winning car, you will immediately feel the difference in modern technology. You can also drive cars like Ferrari F40s, Lamborghini Countach Mclaren for P1, Buggati Veyron SS and so many other exotic cars depending on the game.

F1 2019

If you’ve always dreamed of driving one of the fastest cars in the world, you might want to try F1 2019. In reality, driving a Formula 1 car isn’t as easy as getting in the cab and shooting a 6-cylinder hybrid before hitting the track. The right car requires a lot of training and understanding of the different functions of a car.

You can drive Formula 1 cars of different eras, including the V8, Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F2004 or Ayrton Senna’s Marlboro McLaren Honda. You can choose to play in career mode or in online competitions with hundreds of like-minded people around the world.

Interestingly, real Formula 1 teams also have a game or sports championship, some of these players use simulators used by different Formula 1 teams. If you can succeed in the game, you can also think of it as a career opportunity where you get millions to play your favorite game every day.

Assetto Corza competition

Assetto Corza Competizione is probably the best racing game out there. If Formula 1 or MotoGP aren’t your thing and you want to run together on a PC for hours, this is it: an endurance race in your living room!

The game allows you to experience the real atmosphere of the FIA ​​GT3 Championship and compete with the highest accuracy of official drivers, teams, cars and tracks. The game includes a variety of endurance races and highly competitive competition on prestigious tracks such as Paul Ricard, Spa Francorchamps and Circuit de Catalunya. Handling is better than ever when you take good control of feedback control and cut day-night cycles – a necessary endurance race, of course.


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