Sites with free car games for kids (and adults)

Sites with free car games for kids (and adults)

Are you looking for a way to keep your kids (or maybe yourself) busy when the winter weather forces us to spend more time indoors? Give these sites a test drive in a few hours of entertainment with free online car games. There are great game options for all ages! Some challenge creativity, teach kids the science behind the competition, and let kids play with their favorite TV and movie characters. No car insurance!

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Hot tires

Hot Wheels has a library full of different games to play with. Your child can drive on the streets collecting power-ups, destroying old vehicles in a monster truck, or doing challenging loops and tricks. If you want to test your child’s creativity, try Track Builder and see what course they can take.


Founded in 2001, Miniclip has become one of the leading free online gaming sites in the world. The company has developed and released more than 1,000 games covering a large number of categories. Choose from driving and parking, motocross, motorsports or racing. If you have a small child, you may be able to help him or her choose a game because the website has some games that are aimed more at an older audience (such as zombie games). If you need something to entertain your child on the road, Miniclip also offers a variety of games on mobile devices. Just look at their page in the iOS or Android store to browse all the titles available for mobile games.

Gear Nation

Is your child interested in the competition? In that case, the NASCAR Acceleration Nation website may need to be reviewed. It has a lot of free content for kids, and it has a whole section on fun and games. Personality information is available to find out the type of your driver and free driving games to test your driving skills. If you have an older child who wants to learn more about the science behind speed, he or she can learn aerodynamics when designing your own car. Do you want to take activities offline? Download coloring pages, mazes, bingo and more! We appreciate NASCAR doing its best to inform and entertain.

Nick Junior

Do you always watch TV on Nickelodeon’s Younger Children Network? Then you are in luck! The channel’s website features racing games with several of your favorite characters – all for free for you. Your child can “Race to the Rescue” with Blaze and Monster Machines, or they can ride with the Paw Patrol crew to pick up party supplies for a big party. If you’re looking for a way to showcase your inner artist, there are also digital coloring books and stickers for even more fun. We love the offerings on this site because when your child is ready to move on to car-related activities, there are plenty of age-appropriate options.

Disney LOL

The list of games for kids simply doesn’t look complete without a Disney show! Not only does Disney LOL have a whole host of free car games, there are some of the most iconic characters imaginable in this particular selection. Instead of running with a general character, your kids can choose from some of the most iconic child characters, like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, or Lightning McQueen. Like Nickelodeon Jr., we love Disney LOL because when your child checks all the car-related deals, he or she can always find extra entertainment by going to Star Wars, Frozen, Marvel, or other popular Disney destinations. .

Straight car

If you have a child who needs to drive, direct car insurance may come in handy, but it’s more for adults than children. If you want to test your knowledge and learn new knowledge, Direct Auto offers a series of free quizzes that will make learning about car insurance fun and enjoyable. You can also click on yourself and search for other interesting car-related quiz topics. Click on one of the links below to get the result!


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