Top 5 racing games to play on your smartphone

Since we currently spend a lot of time on our couches, browsing your Netflix account or TV channels, and looking for things to watch, there’s another great way for car enthusiasts to spend time: racing games. We have here the top five racing game options that all car enthusiasts should have on their phones!

CSR Racing

Tired of taking turns, but still want to play a racing game? This mobile game is one of the most popular out there and for good reason. Betting is one of the simplest and most original forms of motorsport, and CSR Racing uses love to go straight straight at maximum speed! CSR racing is fun, and there are a number of cars that can be installed and driven – from simple hatchbacks to full-length hyper vehicles.

Real racing 3

Phone Real Racing is what Gran Tourismo is for the PlayStation. Real Racing has possibly the most detailed racing game of any mobile platform, and has real tracks, real cars and real tuning parts that make it an immersive experience. And with hundreds of cars to choose from for almost every brand in the world, you’ll never miss an experience. The game was released in 2013, but even today it is one of the best racing games. We believe with constant updates and without further expectations that it will remain at the top level for some time.

Asphalt 9

The asphalt game series is like a need for phone speed. It’s an old-fashioned fun arcade hit, and the latest is still the best. Apart from the countless routes and the large number of cars, there are also a lot of customizations that the player can enjoy. My favorite song? The fact that you can keep the car at a sliding angle after the corner.

Hill Climb Racing 2

If you want a simple pointless game that doesn’t shorten your phone’s battery life or take up a lot of space, Hill Climb Racing 2 is probably the best choice. From SUVs to snowmobiles to bicycles and even tanks, the goal is simple: Get the fastest time on the track without driving your vehicle across ramps and slopes. And while the graphics are simple and the game is two-dimensional compared to everything else on this list, we promise it will be just as fun.

Net motorsports

GRID Autosport is yet another simulation competitor and probably the only mobile platform game that gives Real Racing 3 its money. While the game is not free, the original money spent (Rs 799 on iOS) is worth every penny and has the option to choose from over 100 numbers and 100 cars. Street cars, thoroughbred racing cars and more, GRID Autosport has a variety of options, and with realistic graphics and controls, it’s a really great game. Especially good if you want to set personal lap records.


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